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Bainbridge Island Real Estate Statistics Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report | 2018 Year in Review Getting Real Let’s put it on the table right away: Our real estate market did not perform at the same level in 2018 as it did in 2017. That does not mean we had an unsuccessful market in 2018; nor does it mean we should brace for a difficult market in 2019. We need a […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report | Q3 2018 Autumn Temperatures   Checking the Thermometer Every day, we hear news about the cooling real estate market but it’s important to consider all the factors that go into those reports. Yes, our market has chilled slightly from its previously overheated state (although we never reached the same sizzle as the Seattle market) and has settled […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report 2018 1st Quarter in Review THE SPRING BOARD   Things We Know Are True In the real estate business, we know never to count our proverbial chickens. Offers aren’t made until directed by a client, offers aren’t successful until they are accepted, inspections aren’t completed until everyone is satisfied, and we never take a transaction […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report | 2017 Year in Review CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR As we welcome a new year, let’s explore some dynamics that played out while we marched through the 2017 calendar. Our market saw a decline in the total number of residential sales for each year between 2013 and the start of 2017. Despite healthy buyer demand, the lack of inventory caused […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Statistics Local Values & Current Inventory   BAINBRIDGE ISLAND Real Estate Values are at an all time HIGH and the current housing Inventory is at an historic LOW. A Seller’s Market : Out of approximately 9600 Island households, there are currently only: 42 HOMES FOR SALE 6 RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUMS 20 LAND LISTINGS Don’t get stuck in the annual competition: Let’s get your home […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate 2017 1st Quarter Newsletter Winter Dormancy In many ways, the first quarter of 2017 reflected the past two years of the Bainbridge Island real estate market and the markets of most of the neighborhoods around us. Seasonably low inventories limit buyers’ choices early in every year. Meanwhile, inclement weather tends to dampen the enthusiasm of sellers getting homes ready […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate 2016 First Half Newsletter MEMORIES OF YEARS PAST A History Lesson The one constant in our real estate market is change. Ten years ago (yes, it has been 10 years!), we were in a very competitive market. Inventory was tight and prices were going through the proverbial roof, setting new highs. Then, in September 2007, that came to an […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate 2016 1st Quarter Newsletter                     The Same Old Tune Even as the birds of springtime sing their new songs of the season, we must hit repeat as we report – once again – on our local market’s low inventory.  A lack of available homes continues to dictate what’s happening in […]
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Bainbridge Island Real Estate Statistics Bainbridge Island Real Estate Sales in Review RESIDENTIAL HOME SALES IN REVIEW YEAR                  Avg. Sale Price            Total # of Sales           Avg. Days on Market 2003                    $481,758                           454                                      101 2004                    $551,462                           468                                      92 2005                    $670,004                           442                                      91 2006                    $752,154                           349                                      87 2007                    $820,607                           317                                      97 2008                    $749,970                           187                                      108 2009                    $662,668                           212                                      139 2010                    $639,169                           255                                      102 2011                    $581,855                           257                                      113 2012                    $636,705                           […]