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Bainbridge Island Real Estate Spring is Here: Get Your Home Ready!   Now that the days are a little longer, the sun a little warmer, and blossoms are starting to pop, you may suddenly have the urge to do some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition; an opportunity to sweep the cobwebs from your home, clear out the dust that accumulated during the winter, […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate A celebration of all things green on Earth Day 2016 In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would have a little tribute to the color green. While a pale, almost neutral green is common in design, it takes guts and color savvy to really sock a punch to a room with green. These are a few great examples where the designer is a green […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Decorating a Small Front Stoop Grand porches get more press, but you can pack just as much style into a small space. Whether you have a city stoop, an apartment building landing, exposed exterior stairs or a small porch, these 10 ideas will help you make the most of your home’s entrance. 1. Add a quirky planter. Done with that umbrella […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Falling in love with “Home” Whether you're an owner or a renter, odds are that you have a complicated relationship with your home. As with any relationship, there are ups and downs, good times and bad, things you love and things you hate. But despite it all, you stick with it — hopefully because you love it.  And also as […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Emerging Design Trends For 2016 The modern home is always evolving. And to get an idea of what it’s evolving to, look no further than what’s happening within its walls today. Exciting new materials, strategies and concepts will be coming to more homes in 2016.   1. Two-tone kitchen cabinets. Keep upper cabinets white or neutral for a clean, timeless feel; […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Fall Garden Maintenance Set a festive mood with fresh fall plants while preserving and protecting your landscape and water features. November is the final month to prepare the garden for winter. It’s rather like tucking children into bed at night: They have played all day, and now they’re tired. There’s the bath-time ritual, followed by a quiet story […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Roofing Design Options Choosing the roof style and which materials to use can be a daunting process.  The roofing material you choose can truly enhance the beauty of your home. The type of material, style, color and cost are all major factors in making the best selection. Additionally eco-friendly alternatives, such as those with a high Energy Star rating and […]
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