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Bainbridge Island Real Estate Roofing Design Options Choosing the roof style and which materials to use can be a daunting process.  The roofing material you choose can truly enhance the beauty of your home. The type of material, style, color and cost are all major factors in making the best selection. Additionally eco-friendly alternatives, such as those with a high Energy Star rating and […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Making Color Work for You We all want our homes to provide comfort and ease. And something instinctual tells us that color — whether a can of paint, a bright new patterned rug, maybe that sun-drenched painting you saw at the last art opening you attended — can change our world for the better. Picking the right colors for our […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Could You Live in a Tiny House? 10 things to consider if you’re thinking of downsizing — way down   ​ While still a bit of an oddity, there is no doubt that the tiny house is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you crave more financial freedom, wish to reduce your impact on the environment or want to live a simpler life, tiny homes have a […]
Bainbridge Island Real Estate Make your home offer irresistible When you're competing with a lot of other buyers for a hot piece of property, your bid needs to stand out. You have found a home you can afford, in a great neighborhood with good schools. It even has a fenced-in yard for your dog. What could go wrong? Any number of things, ranging from […]
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